CBD Skin Benefits

CBD Skin Benefits

Calming, soothing, and infused with healthy hemp properties, CBD skincare products may just be the perfect addition to your daily skin care routine. They’re plant-based and made with natural skin ingredients, meaning they’re nourishing and good for the planet. 

And it’s believed that CBD may assist in supporting full-body health. So, why not put it to the test with your body’s largest organ—the skin?

In this guide, we’ll explore all-things CBD for skin to immerse you in CBD’s many possible skincare benefits and bust common myths and misconceptions.

CBD Skin Benefits

Over the years, you may have heard your yoga buddy applaud the benefits of her strawberry-flavored CBD gummies in easing her physical discomfort. Or maybe Jim from accounting can’t stop talking about how a few drops of full spectrum CBD oil at night has supported his sleep.

But what exactly can CBD do for your skin health? There are many CBD skin benefits. And if you experience dry, red, or dull skin, a high-quality CBD skincare product may help to return your complexion to its natural glow. 

#1 CBD May Reduce Tenderness and Redness

Looking for a way on how to soothe irritated skin? CBD’s hemp properties may help to ease uncomfortable irritation that appears on your skin, helping to combat:

  • Redness – If you’re dealing with facial redness, a CBD product may be exactly what you need. Similar to how certain medications stop the swelling in your joints, topical CBD (like a CBD face mask for red sensitive skin) may help to even your skin tone and reduce unwanted bumps for acne prone skin.
  • Popped pimples – Along with some cold water, a topical CBD product may help to calm your acne prone skin following a pimple popping session that leaves your skin looking blotchy and irritated. 

Even if you don’t have a regular need for a topical soothing product, keeping some CBD skincare in the back of your bathroom cabinet may help to keep your skin feeling its best.

#2 CBD Is Full Of Antioxidants

When applied topically, antioxidants may help to protect your skin cells  from harmful environmental pollutants. And CBD is packed full of them! As such, CBD may help to keep your skin looking fresh and full of life. 

In fact, CBD may provide protection from a variety of factors, including:

  • Free radicals – Free radicals are positively charged molecules that are missing electrons, which is bad because they can steal electrons from your skin. Of course, this is all on a microscopic level and very difficult to visualize, but essentially free radicals can cause certain proteins to fold differently and contribute to aging your skin faster than normal.
  • UV Rays – While CBD skincare is no substitute for sunscreen (we always recommend wearing something with a good SPF on your face), antioxidants may lessen the damage that occurs from long-term sun exposure. Basically, antioxidants may help your skin to be more resilient in the face of sun damage.
  • Pollution – Again, antioxidants provide that extra protective layer to your skin. As such, any pollutants in the air around you may be less likely to have adverse effects on your skin if it’s replenished with antioxidants. And while you can’t control the stuff in the air, you can definitely control the stuff you put on your skin to keep it safe and glowing.

#3 CBD May Reduce Sebum Production In The Skin

While it's unclear whether or not a CBD serum can help to reduce blemishes, it may reduce sebum production. Sebum is an oily substance that lubricates your skin. However, too much sebum can clog your pores. 

As such, applying a CBD skincare product may help to keep your skin clear and blemish-free. It may also reduce any blotchiness your skin may be experiencing to help your face feel clean and refreshed.

#4 CBD May Help Dry Skin

If your skin is experiencing dryness, flakiness, or bumpiness, CBD skincare products may be able to soothe your skin and help it feel more hydrated. 

More specifically, when applied topically to your skin, CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors within your endocannabinoid system, which helps to normalize skin cell production and skin redness. 

And it’s likely that as scientists do more studies on the potential applications of CBD in skincare, they’ll discover even more uses and benefits. (But of course, in the meantime, we recommend that you visit your dermatologist if you have any severe or particularly persistent skin situations).

#5 CBD May Help to Calm Your Skin

It’s believed that CBD may help to calm your mind and put your body in a more relaxed state—and it may do the same for your skin. 

If you have sensitive skin that often reacts negatively to harsher skincare products, a CBD cream, serum, or face mask may be the perfect addition to your skincare routine—CBD may work to soothe your face and even your skin tone.

Additionally, CBD may help to eliminate stress you feel in your day-to-day life, which can trigger hormonal changes within your body that worsen blemishes you may already have. 

As such, building your skincare routine from the root of the problem is absolutely the way to go. Using CBD to rejuvenate your skin and calm your mind? It’s a win-win.

Common CBD Myths

If you’ve heard that CBD is basically marijuana, that it’s for the kids and rebels, or that using CBD products isn’t legal, then it’s time to set the record straight. Not only are these things myths, but you shouldn’t let them hold you back from the skin of your dreams.

#1 CBD Will Make You Feel High

Will CBD make you feel high? The short answer is no.

The long answer is that there are two active ingredients that are derived from marijuana: CBD and THC. The psychoactive ingredient, or the ingredient that can make you feel high, is THC.

While CBD does have a lot of calming properties, it is not psychoactive and therefore cannot produce the ‘high’ associated with marijuana. In fact, CBD can only contain trace amounts of THC, legally—0.3%, to be exact. 

Additionally, commercial CBD that’s available in the United States only comes from the hemp plant, not the marijuana plant. That means that not only is it impossible for CBD to make you high, but also that CBD is not actually marijuana at all!

#2 CBD Skincare is ‘Edgy’

If you associate CBD with marijuana, it could be easy to mistake CBD for an edgy trend.

The truth is, CBD is totally mainstream. Marathon runners, massage artists, moms, and meteorologists are all using it—which is to say, people of all careers and life paths.

A lot of people have realized the benefits of CBD for their overall health, and now that you’re learning the facts, you can too.

You can buy CBD products at:

  • Fitness stores
  • Health stores
  • Beauty stores

Often, CBD products will be behind the counter to protect them from theft. So if you’re having a hard time finding the CBD products you want, it may be a good idea to ask a cashier, sales employee, or manager.

#3 CBD is Illegal

Actually, CBD is legal in all 50 states. While there is CBD in marijuana (which is not legal in all 50 states), commercial CBD is actually derived from the hemp plant, which is totally legal due to its very low THC content. 

(Essentially, both hemp and CBD are legal because they’re not psychoactive, so they can’t get you high, and there’s no potential for addiction.)

As long as you’re buying your CBD from legitimate stores or companies, you’re not going to run into any legal problems.

Is CBD Safe?

Even though a lot of the science on CBD skincare is relatively new, it’s believed that topical applications of CBD may benefit your skin in many ways. Additionally, it’s believed that CBD may help to support your body’s overall wellness, support your sleep, and relieve physical discomfort.

However, when using CBD (specifically when ingesting it), you may experience:

  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Upset stomach
  • Dry mouth

Additionally, when purchasing your CBD product, it’s important to ensure that you buy a high-quality product from a trusted source.

What Makes A CBD Source Reliable?

Basically, you want to make sure that there are no yucky ingredients in your CBD products, including:

  • Heavy metals
  • Microbials
  • Unnatural pesticides

The best way to know what’s in your CBD is to purchase products only from sources that have transparent ingredient lists and keep you in the loop about exactly what you are putting on your skin—because you deserve to know! As such, look for products that have a COA, or Certificate of Authenticity, to ensure that the product is tested by a third party lab and contains healthy ingredients.

Treat Yourself with HPPY Skin

An antioxidant-filled CBD skincare product may help to even your skin tone and keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated and refreshed. 

As with any new skincare ingredient, the best place to start is with a product that you don’t use every single day, like a face mask. That way, your skin has a chance to adjust, and you have a much lower chance of any sort of adverse reaction.

We recommend starting with HPPY Skin’s Uneven Skin Tone and Redness Calming Mask, which is infused with a slew of skin-promoting ingredients, such as:

  • CBD
  • Aloe vera
  • Manuka honey
  • Gluten-free oat flour
  • Bananas
  • Squalane oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Konjac Root
  • Lavender

At HPPY Skin, we’re all about using safe, effective, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients your skin will love. Shop our bundles today.



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