Blue Spirulina Benefits for Skin

Blue spirulina— is considered one of the oldest living organisms on the planet This antioxidant-rich algae boasts anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties (but more on this soon). In other words, the blue green algae might just be the new secret weapon in your wellness arsenal.

You may have encountered this dietary supplement at your favorite smoothie bowl bar—and for a good reason. Blue spirulina has rightfully earned its superfood status as a complete protein that contains all of the essential amino acids and tons of omega-3 fatty acids to boot. It’s also packed with minerals and nutrients, including copper, iron, and B vitamins.

No matter how you incorporate this superstar plant into your routine—in a bright blue protein shake or an all-natural face mask—you may enjoy a hydrated, clear, and radiant complexion thanks to some high-powered gut and skin health support from this mighty microorganism.

To learn more about the health benefits of blue spirulina, let’s dive into its different forms, history, and usage. Below, we’ll discover what this ancient blue green alga is and what it means for the future of your skincare.

What is Blue Spirulina?

Although it’s been touted as the future of skincare, the blue pigment powder has a storied history. This organism was prized by ancient Aztecs and NASA astronauts for its nourishing, energizing properties, and is highly valued today for the promise it’s shown for supporting the well-being of the brain and the body. (And fighting blemishes, too.)

Technically a type of cyanobacteria—also known as blue-green algae—spirulina thrives in shallow waters around the world, soaking up sunlight to produce energy. With its striking bright blue pigment, this algae is as beautiful as it is beneficial.

One of the most nutrient-dense foods on Earth, the dietary supplement of blue spirulina has been celebrated as a health food for centuries—long before the days of juice cleanses and smoothie bowls. Although some say that spirulina tastes slightly bitter, this superfood has maintained its popularity, helping to improve everything from endurance and strength to cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

As blue spirulina continues to make waves in the world of wellness, scientists have innovated its production to supply the demand and amp up the powerhouse organism’s power. You don’t have to worry about wading into algae-packed waters for your wellness boost. You can find blue spirulina in supplements, pills, and powders. We source ours from E3 Live, a proprietary extract of freshwater algae made from the organism’s stunning pigment. Also known as Blue Majik, E3 Live is swimming in minerals, nutrients, and chlorophyll—just like spirulina. But this fresh-frozen spirulina supplement may also contain increased antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential.

The best part? While E3 Live mixes beautifully into a milkshake, you don’t need to eat it to reap its benefits. Spirulina extract can make a game-changing addition to creams, balms, and masks, like our Hydrating Mask. Our cold-water High-Pressure Process leaves these living organisms intact and powerful for topical application, so you can enjoy enhanced hydration and healing—without the bitter aftertaste.

What Does Blue Spirulina Do?

Blue spirulina masks offer more than a temporary cool-blue glow. While we can’t discount the entertainment factor of turquoise skincare, there’s more to our spirulina products than meets the eye. It turns out that spirulina’s vast internal benefits may also relate to overall skin health.

So what is blue spirulina good for?

  • Inside-out glow – Blue spirulina has been shown to improve gut health, balancing the gut microbiota and reducing inflammation. Given the probable connection between gut health and skin health, it’s possible that blue spirulina can support brighter, clearer complexions. For extra revitalization, sip on a spirulina smoothie while you apply your face mask.
  • Youthful energy – Blue spirulina makes a worthy addition to any natural anti-aging skincare routine. The same pigments that give blue spirulina its gorgeous color can also keep you gorgeous—helping to fight the free radicals that can cause premature signs of aging like fine lines and spots. Spirulina’s surplus of antioxidants encourages cellular antioxidant activity that keeps your complexion refreshed and radiant.
  • Top-notch tone – Looking for plump, firm skin? This versatile alga is rich with amino acids that might keep your skin bouncy and toned by encouraging collagen production. More collagen means stronger, more resilient skin that maintains elasticity as you age.
  • Calming candida – With anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, topical spirulina may reduce redness and irritation. This impressive microorganism has even shown promise for alleviating candida and tamping down annoying yeast infections. For balancing delicate microbiomes, blue spirulina might be just the ticket.
  • Clear complexion – Annoyed with stubborn acne but wary of harsh prescriptions? Blue spirulina’s high levels of antioxidants and antimicrobial properties may make it an attractive option for battling breakouts. Unlike some antibiotic acne treatments, blue spirulina doesn’t get rid of good bacteria along with the bad and won’t cause antibiotic resistance. So instead of harsh side effects, you may enjoy a balanced, diverse microbiome—and a clear, confident outlook.

With all of these potentials combined, blue spirulina stands out from the pack as both a superfood and super skin saver.

Shop Our Products with Blue Spirulina

When it comes to slowing the aging process and preserving youthful skin, blue spirulina sets the bar high—providing your face with the nourishment and support it deserves.

That’s why our Hydrating Mask features this superstar skincare ingredient. For the ultimate thirst-quenching, rejuvenating moment, we combine E3 Live spirulina extract with hydrating cucumber and plant-based oils. Then, we add invigorating coffeeberry extract and manuka honey to the blend to restore your most radiant, refreshed glow.

This ultra-hydrating treatment will keep you cool on contact, seal in moisture, and escort fine lines and flakes out of your life. And, like all of our all-natural treatments, our anti-aging mask is made without preservatives, fillers, toxins, extracts, chemicals, and synthetic ingredients and is stabilized through our High-Pressure Process.

What you sea is what you get.

Shop our entire line to discover how superfoods like blue spirulina can supersize your skincare routine.


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