Manuka Honey Benefits

Leave it to mother nature and the bees to produce a multi-purpose form of honey with distinct medicinal properties: manuka honey. This bitter honey, native to New Zealand, boasts all the perks of its clover cousin—it’s a natural preservative, it has a practically infinite shelf life, and its production process is sustainable and hands-off. But the magic of this multipurpose ingredient doesn’t stop there. The manuka flower instills the normal honey with bonus benefits.

So what is manuka honey good for? Let’s break down its many benefits:

  • Healing properties and powers – Manuka honey features the active ingredient methylglyoxal (MGO), a compound that only occurs in hives near a blooming manuka tree. MGO has historically been touted as antibacterial, which may explain why manuka honey has been used to help prevent infection throughout the ages. A long and fruitful history of medicinal exploration by healers and chemists suggests this potent normal honey also may possess antiviral properties.
  • Digestive support – This wonder from down under has shown promise as a soothing salve for a host of gastric and digestive issues, including IBS and ulcerative colitis.
  • Oral health help – It’s possible that sufferers of tooth decay and sore throats may find relief with a protective coating of this natural antiviral. In a pilot study, participants who chewed a manuka honey product three times a day saw significant reductions in both plaque and bleeding gums after 21 days of consistent use.
  • A wound’s worst nightmare – With naturally occurring antimicrobial activity, the wound healing manuka honey can work wonders in soothing irritated or broken skin. With high levels of antioxidants and a lower pH than other kinds of regular honey, this liquid gold may optimize wound care—promoting cell growth to speed up the mending process. Some studies even suggest that dressing cuts and burns with manuka honey can be more effective than conventional treatment alone.
  • Skincare gold – Acne stands no chance against manuka honey’s anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce swelling and increase blood flow to promote wound healing. Many natural skincare enthusiasts rely on this organic staple to seal in moisture, promote restoration, and create a protective barrier against outside bacteria.

Eager to introduce this beneficial raw honey into your daily routine? Sip some in your tea, or spread some on your skin. We’re all about laying it on thick when it comes to manuka honey, so we’ve formulated our plant-based, preservative-free masks to showcase its sustainable, wellness-supporting properties. Trust us—your relationship with this superstar staple is just bee-ginning.

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka trees flourish in the balmy wilderness of the New Zealand bush. Each spring, when its delicate white flowers bloom, honey bees trickle in for their fill of nectar. Back at their hives, the bees begin the incredible task of transforming this nectar into the miraculous ingredient we’ve come to love: manuka honey.

Unlike your go-to grocery store honey, which might blend an array of different nectars, manuka honey only comes from a single source—the manuka plant. And unlike the sweet syrup that comes in the bear-shaped bottle, this premium ingredient has a fairly bitter bite. But even though it may taste a bit like cough syrup, manuka honey packs a powerful punch of health benefits not found in its counterparts.

Highly prized as a natural remedy for centuries, manuka honey has become a sustainable, buzz-worthy ingredient, drawing swarms of devotees. Thanks to its powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this superfood is a bonafide superstar—especially in the world of skincare.

Research suggests that manuka honey has the potential to soothe blemishes, hydrate skin, and prevent infection by banishing bacteria. And between scientists and natural practitioners, there seems to be a consensus: manuka honey may be a powerful asset in your anti-acne toolkit.

There’s a reason why we infuse this sweet salve into our Clarity Mask. It’s pure gold.

Manuka Honey Mask

With antibacterial properties and a long history in traditional medicine, manuka honey is guaranteed to take the world of skincare by storm. At HPPY, we’re happy to lead the charge—bringing the magic of manuka honey to your fresh-face routine in a face mask that’s blended to bring you clarity like you’ve never seen before.

Our Clarity Mask is designed to gently decongest oily skin, remove buildup, and reduce inflammation so you can break away from blemishes and detox acne-prone skin. With a beneficial boost from manuka honey, you’ll feel radiant and refreshed.

But there’s more to buzz about. Our plant-based, sustainably sourced blend restores balance with unfiltered apple cider vinegar, awakens the skin with antioxidant-rich matcha, and nourishes your complexion with aloe vera and kale—packed with vitamins A and C. Add gentle, lightweight hydration from squalene and vitamin E oil and enjoy supple, dewy skin without the greasy residue.

Improved clarity, tone, and radiance? It’s pretty sweet to feel good in your skin. At HPPY, we believe in bringing that feeling to everyone. Our dermatologist-approved face mask is safe for sensitive skin—made without aggravating preservatives, fillers, toxins, extracts, or synthetic ingredients. Because with an active ingredient as potent and pure as manuka honey, you don’t need harsh chemicals or unnecessary preservatives in the mix.

Some final tea on our manuka honey mask? To keep your face mask fresh—and enjoy the ultimate cooling experience—store it in the fridge between uses. Then, every three or four days, reopen your sealed mask pod and treat your skin to sweet, soothing relief.

Shop Our Products with Manuka Honey

Looking for more ways to introduce liquid gold into your skincare routine? Our cold-water High-Pressure Process infuses pure manuka honey into a range of fresh products, each designed with a different skincare goal in mind. Hydrate, repair, and revitalize your skin with one of our nourishing masks straight out of the refrigerator.

Every mask in our collection is natural, fresh, and sustainably sourced. We think that’s a beautiful thing to bee-hold—kind of like you.



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