Niacinamide Benefits for Skin

Niacinamide is an essential nutrient—a form of vitamin B-3 that may help maintain cellular health and has been used to support all-around wellness. While many have turned to vitamin B-3 supplements to help prevent deficiencies and promote organ health, this naturally occurring nutrient has also made a splash as a potent topical tool—innovating the world of skincare thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Let’s take a closer look at this nutrient’s many benefits:

  • Hydration help – If dry skin is driving you crazy, a niacinamide product may be just what the doctor ordered. Topical Niacinamide helps build your skin’s lipid barrier, which locks in moisture below the surface for a supple, bouncy look and feel that lasts all day. 
  • Soothing support – This essential nutrient may also work wonders when it comes to clearing away dreaded blotches and irritation. As an antioxidant, topical niacinamide may reduce mild to moderate inflammation, easing the tell-tale redness that can arrive with acne and eczema.
  • Anti-aging power – If you’re worried about fine lines and wrinkles, or if you’re all about keeping things plump and perky, a niacinamide product might make the perfect addition to your self-care kit. This nutrient supports the production of keratin, a protein that builds skin cells and hair and may just keep your complexion firm and fresh.
  • Stress and sun defense – By promoting cellular growth and function, niacinamide serum may lessen the impact of environmental and chemical stressors like UV rays, toxins, and polluted air. Paired with sunscreen, it can bolster your daily defenses.
  • Acne alleviation – Research may still be underway, but the active ingredient of niacinamide has shown exciting promise for those of us who suffer from pimples, breakouts, and blemishes. By helping retain the skin barrier's moisture, this nutrient helps prevent sebaceous glands from going into overdrive—encouraging balanced oil production and clear pores. And thanks to its anti-inflammatory powers, the active ingredient of niacinamide also works to prevent those painful, swollen bumps and the scars they leave behind.

    The TL;DR? Applying skincare with niacinamide could not only help you avoid inflammatory papules and oil slicks but also improve your skin texture over time.

Whether you’re fighting the signs of sun and time or trying to keep blemishes at bay, niacinamide might just be the skincare ingredient you didn’t know you needed. Below, we’ll tackle everything you need to know about Vitamin B-3 from A to Z, including how to use niacinamide and why it might revolutionize your regimen.

What Is Niacinamide?

Nutrient, vitamin, antioxidant—what is niacinamide, exactly?

Ordinary niacinamide is a variation of vitamin B-3, one of the essential vitamins that helps the body function smoothly. Vitamin B-3 is an antioxidant and helps maintain cellular health, transforming the food we consume into the energy that powers our physiological systems. But because vitamin B-3 dissolves with water, it doesn’t remain in our bodies—so it’s important to get our fix in the foods we eat, supplements we consume, and skincare products that we use.

If you’re hungering for a dose of internal wellness, there’s good news: ordinary niacinamide can be found in many common foods, including:

  • Poultry
  • Meat
  • Grains
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Green vegetables

But to enjoy the full range of niacinamide’s benefits on your largest organ—your skin—it’s worth incorporating the essential nutrient beyond mealtime. When applied topically, niacinamide may improve everything from skin redness and rough texture to acne and fine lines. In fact, to best address your skin woes with vitamin B-3, many experts think that serums, creams, and masks are the way to go.

No matter your skin concern—decreased tone, dry patches, or environmental damage—niacinamide might be ready for a starring role in your routine. This topical nutrient is widely considered safe to use and likely will not interfere with other common skincare product ingredients. The skincare product actually plays well with others, combining forces with copper and zinc to quash pimples and pairing up with hyaluronic acid for the ultimate hydration one-two punch. 

How to Use Niacinamide

There’s no argument that niacinamide is an all-star player in the world of wellness. But what’s the best way to use it?

Let’s start with diet. It’s possible that eating foods rich in niacinamide may yield some benefits for your overall skin health. After all, when our cellular function is well supported, and our bodily systems are running smoothly, it tends to shine through in our complexions. By incorporating nutrient-rich ingredients into our meals or folding in supplements, we can rest assured that we’re taking meaningful steps on the path to well-being—and what’s more beautiful than that?

That said, when it comes to targeting specific skin barrier concerns with niacinamide, most skin care experts suggest leaning on topical applications over oral supplements. For noticeable improvement, you may want to use the niacinamide serum daily or combine it with other heavy-hitting ingredients such as vitamin C or retinol. Like many skincare ingredients, niacinamide sometimes takes the slow-and-steady approach. Try to be patient—and consistent with your routine.

To make the most of this ingredient’s balancing, blemish-busting potential, you may want to boost your regular beauty regimen with a niacinamide face mask. Apply our Clarity Mask three to four times a week to mount a strong defense against spots and bumps and to soothe existing breakouts. Store it in your fridge for the coolest, freshest experience and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing off with water and a soft washcloth.


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