What's HPP Cold Pressure Technology?

They’re big, they’re shiny and they’re very technically called 'High/Ultra Hydrostatic Equipment’ commonly referred to as HPP (High Pressure Processing) — the machines that we use to safely preserve fresh nutrients without the need for heat or chemicals. Harnessing about six times more pressure than the Mariana Trench — aka the deepest oceanic trench on Earth — HPP effectively eliminates all potentially harmful microbes, while giving the powerful active nutrients a place to thrive. Then what? They stay that way from fridge to face.


Most skincare products on the market are made up of 97% water with the remainder being a mix of fillers, preservatives and active ingredients (if they don’t get watered down). With our HPP technology, we’re able to deliver potent formulas using high volumes of powerful, healing, undiluted superfoods. In other words, it’s cooler to be chilled.

HPPY Skin product on ice

Your Skin Needs to Chill

You wouldn’t store your green juice in your medicine cabinet — so why keep your skincare there? (Hey, we all know what happens when you leave an avocado out.) 

At HPPY Skin our formulas never use added preservatives for a longer shelf life. Instead, we rely on you to keep them refrigerated. The result? Our superfood ingredients stay effective longer so they can truly nourish your skin.

  • With HPP, we can use whole ingredients—not just extracts— therefore delivering the most powerful skincare out there.

  • We never use unhealthy chemicals, preservatives or thermal heat (which can degrade ingredients). Why? They make the skincare less effective.

  • High pressure processing is the gold standard for keeping fresh foods safe to eat and full of nutrients. We believe your skin deserves the same.

Trust Your Gut

Microbiomes—the collective term for all the bacteria and yeasts that help skin to function— are essential to our overall health. Just as too many preservatives can disrupt your gut microbiome, they can do the same to your skin by causing dryness, signs of aging and acne breakouts. HPPY formulas stay potent thanks to HPP and refrigeration helping to keep your skin microbiome healthy, protected and balanced.

Source: Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

Just OK is Not OK

Perfect skin is an unrealistic beauty standard. Perfect formulas are not. In truth, repurposing technology normally used in large-scale food manufacturing and applying it to a fledgling skincare business has been no easy task. Most skincare is made in a handful of industrial factories. Ours is developed and made from scratch using only the freshest ingredients and latest science.

But! We’re so grateful to our Ops Team for taking on the (extremely tricky) challenge of small-batch orders in a facility that upholds the highest food-safety standards and rendering them precisely right for our formulas. Everything we make has got to be perfect—and that’s testament to the core of our brand. Promise.