Our formulas provide a nurturing 
environment for skin-nourishing ingredients to thrive. Refrigerate your way to smoother, softer, plumper, 
healthier-looking skin that glows from within.

What we Do

The only skincare brand preserved at the height of potency without preservatives.

We are redefining the industry by preserving powerful active ingredients with HPP cold pressure technology to deliver the cleanest, most effective skincare experience.

HPPY Skin - The Name

Is our name pronounced Happy? Not exactly! It’s HPP (tech) and why we love it! 

What is HPP Tech? 

HPP harnesses the power of water pressure; it is that simple. In a closed chamber, cold water compresses and builds pressure greater than the deepest parts of the ocean. Cold water pressure is great for eliminating bacteria and extending the product’s shelf-life without the addition of chemical preservatives. Because there is no heat used during this process, the nutrients within our product remain living and actually, release more into the environment due to the immense pressure causing our products to be more bioavailable. 

Why do we love it? 

We base all of our formulas in real-food goodness. HPP is the technology that allows us to enhance bioactive compounds to create results driven skincare.

HPPY Skin products are skin care products stored in the fridge

Fridge-Fresh Difference

Everything we make is formulated using only fresh, active ingredients that benefit your skin, and absolutely nothing else. We are transparent about our formulas because we rigorously regulate them to food-grade standards.

With HPP technology, we're able to keep active ingredients alive in a way that traditional, shelf-stable brands cannot. The HPPY Skin difference? Your mask lives in your fridge, not your bathroom cabinet. And your skin shows it.

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HPPY Skin is More than Fresh

We understand the profound connection between your skin and your overall wellbeing. Our products are designed to respect and nurture the skin's microbiome, the delicate ecosystem that keeps your skin balanced and healthy. By avoiding harsh preservatives, our formulas ensure that your skin's natural defenses remain intact, reducing the risk of irritation, dryness, and premature aging. By avoiding fillers, we ensure that every single ingredient is there to serve you and your skin.

Choosing HPPY Skin means choosing a brand that values perfection in every jar and bottle. Our commitment to small-batch production, stringent food-grade standards, and cutting-edge science ensures that every product we offer meets the highest criteria of quality. We make skincare that's not just good but extraordinary, where every application is a step towards healthier, happier skin.