Allow your skin to experience fresh ingredients with cold water High-Pressure Process technology that packs clean, powerful ingredients into every product.

Why Your Skincare Products Just Aren’t Cutting It 

Preservatives in products destroy your skin’s natural microbiome. The skin is our largest organ - it can absorb whatever is applied & can pass those substances along to the bloodstream. Even in small amounts, chemicals absorbed into the skin can accumulate with repetitive use. More than 50% of ingredients in skincare products are for the benefit of the product and not the user.

  • Harsh chemicals harm more than they heal by disrupting the growth of good bacteria
  • Bioactive ingredients are destroyed with typical extraction technology
  • Ingredient lists are confusing and lack transparency
  • Preservatives can cause hormone disruption and flare-ups

The Benefits of Cold Water High-Pressured Skincare Solutions

HPP uses cold water and a highly pressurized system to extract, stabilize, and sanitize the cleanest and healthiest ingredients for your skin. A natural alternative to chemical preservatives, HPP is better for the body and the earth.


Ingredients you know

Sustainable sourcing methods
Plant-based products
All-natural everything

Fresh ingredients in each product

Dermatologist-approved solutions that are safe for sensitive skin

HPPY Is Who & What We Are

At HPPY Skin, we recognize the importance of nourishing your outer body with the same quality ingredients as your inner. We are revolutionizing the word ‘clean’ with HPP technology that allows us to remove chemicals, preservatives and fillers that contribute to the majority of skincare ingredients today. HPPY Skin creates fresh, refrigerated, nutrient-dense products that leave your skin balanced & craving more. Ditch your shelf-stable skincare - your body will be HPPY you did.