Natural Skincare for Dry, Dehydrated and Sensitive Skin

HPPY Skin's skincare products for dry, dehydrated skin are made with natural ingredients safe for sensitive skin, and work to provide hydration, restore moisture, and combat skin concerns for any skin type. From flaky, dry skin, to redness, and uneven skin tone, we’ve got your back… and your face.

Our natural formulas use high-pressure processing (HPP) which uses cold water and a highly pressurized system to extract, stabilize, and sanitize the cleanest and healthiest ingredients for your skin.

Our HPPY Hydrating and HPPY Calming Masks are a great addition to any skin care routine, combatting skin dehydration and working to restore your skin’s moisture barrier.

The Calming Face Mask is infused with gluten-free oats, lavender, bananas, and CBD to soothe and help alleviate skin conditions like redness and uneven skin tone.

The Hydrating Face Mask is infused with effective ingredients like cucumber, coffeeberry, and spirulina that stay cool on contact and infuse your skin with nutrients that combat skin dryness and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, for a fresh, hydrated glow.

All HPPY Skin skincare products are safe, effective, non-toxic, and cruelty-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dry and dehydrated skin has many causes, including cold or dry weather, sun damage, harsh fragrant soaps, and overbathing. Taking long, hot showers can also dry out healthy skin.

Use warm water instead of hot water, and wash with a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser. Apply moisturizer immediately after washing. An intensive overnight hydrating mask, infused with natural ingredients, is a quick go-to for dried out skin concern. Add a hydrating mask into your skincare routine on a weekly basis. There's nothing like a good self-care evening to pamper dry dehydrated skin with a natural facial mask like our Hydrating or Calming masks containing gluten-free oats, lavender, bananas, and CBD that soothes and promotes healthy skin.

Dry, dehydrated sensitive skin is usually a symptom of another condition. You may not even know you have sensitive skin until you have a bad reaction to a cosmetic product, like soap, moisturizer, or makeup. Dry skin, eczema, rosacea, and hives are among the common conditions that lead to sensitive skin.

You only need a few simple changes to your skin care routine to control the symptoms and promote glowing skin. Avoid harsh astringents and exfoliants, use organic skin products, and use gentle laundry detergent for clothes. When it comes to natural skincare for sensitive skin, there's no step perhaps more indulgent than doing a face mask for dry skin. In general, masks are used intermittently to help give your skin a boost when and where it needs it, so our calming facial masks and hydrating facial masks, made with natural ingredients, combat flaky skin.