HPPY Skin’s face masks for red, sensitive skin are made with natural ingredients that are safe for any skin type and work to combat skin concerns like facial redness, sensitive skin, and an uneven skin tone.

Our natural formulas use high-pressure processing (HPP) which uses cold water and a highly pressurized system to extract, stabilize, and sanitize the cleanest and healthiest ingredients for your skin.

The HPPY Clarity and HPPY Calming face masks are a great addition to any skin care routine, especially those suffering from skin problems like facial redness or an uneven skin tone.

The Clarity Face Mask is infused with effective, hydrating ingredients like matcha, vitamin C, kale, and more, to treat acne-prone, oily skin, controlling breakouts, blemishes, and excess oil and sebum production, leaving you with radiant, vibrant skin.

The Calming Face Mask is infused with real gluten-free oats, lavender, bananas, and CBD to soothe and heal skin types that suffer from skin problems like redness and uneven skin tone.

All HPPY Skin skin care products are safe, effective, non-toxic and cruelty-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Redness is a sign of irritated skin or inflamed skin. Sunburn is a common cause of red skin which results from spending too much time in the sun without protection. Other causes can be allergic reactions, infections, and some underlying health conditions.

Use good cosmetics and personal body care products that have natural extracts instead of chemically packed counterparts. Proper exfoliation helps bring in new skin to the surface and avoid sun exposure. A face mask for red sensitive skin is a great addition to your routine. Other than following a good skincare routine, consult a dermatologist for professional skin treatments.

Steer clear of skincare products with acids or irritants. Use gentle cleansers and a nourishing moisturizer at night. You can look into prescription medications like topical creams to temporarily relieve redness. Another option is to apply a cool compress to alleviate skin irritation. Sheet masks to calm redness that have gluten-free oats, lavender, bananas, and CBD can soothe redness and heal the skin. Clarity facial mask with hydrating ingredients like matcha, vitamin C, kale leaves you with radiant, vibrant skin.