Frequently Asked Questions

Uneven skin tone is referred to as hyperpigmentation, an irregular darkening of skin. A dark spot is often caused by the overproduction of melanin which is the pigment responsible for skin and hair color. This skin condition typically results from sun damage.

It can be characterized by both skin discoloration and a change in the skin texture. Uneven skin tone on face typically has dark circles or patches of different color that are visibly distinct from the surrounding areas. It can also appear as rough or an uneven skin texture.

First you need to identify your skin type to maximize your use of uneven skin tone products. You can use a dark spot corrector to cover it, but exfoliation is crucial in managing uneven skin tones. Facials are also effective in repairing skin discoloration. Always cleanse, moisturize, and add face masks to your uneven skin tone treatment. Calming face masks with natural ingredients like gluten-free oats, lavender, bananas, and CBD heal skin types that suffer redness and uneven skin tone. Clarity face masks with matcha, vitamin C, kale, and more reduce blemishes and give you a glowing skin.